Is This What Being an Adult Feels Like?

In my recent trip back to New York, I did my best to see my family as much as humanly possible. That said, I made time to see some dear friends, and I’m so glad I did. One particular friend is someone I’ve known since I was in the 7th grade. She’s one of those […]

Angels on Earth

Though I was raised Catholic, I’m not a particularly religious person. I do, however, consider myself someone who has faith that there is something out there bigger than myself. My whole life, my Grandma has talked about angels. Specifically, when I was learning how to drive under her watch, she instructed me to never drive […]

“I Can’t Date Someone That Heavy”

My Strongwoman inspiration Kaitlin Burgess wrote an awesome blog a few months back about weight and dating. Here’s the link. A brief synopsis: a guy was talking about how he has “weight classes” for the women he dates, and Kaitlin basically said “fuck your weight class.” As a woman who has floated between middle and […]

Whole-Ass Everything

(Warning to my SA Pro friends: If you’re all about student development theories and all that jazz, this blog will probably bother you. In the terms of our dear friend Perry, this is a very dualistic post #SorryNotSorry) I’ve been thinking about who I am as a person a lot lately, and I’ve had a […]


1771 miles. From my current address, it’s exactly 1771 miles, door-to-door, between me and my grandma. 1771 miles between me and my grandma who is my person, my inspiration in many ways, and the matriarch to our family. 1771 miles between me and my grandma who is dying. Part of my greatest hesitation moving back to […]

What Does It Mean to Be Successful?

The blog is back, y’all! A quick recap from the last 19 months since I last posted: I’m back in Texas working at Texas Tech in Student Conduct, I’m competing as a Strongwoman, currently qualified nationally in both federations, I adopted a second cat who I fondly refer to as The Weiner, and I’ve kept […]

Rosemary Swordfish Over Saffron Couscous

Hey everyone! I can’t begin to apologize for my absence, but I can say that this has been the most stressful semester of my life, and I’m not even a damn student. I’ve been working on a few professional blog posts about all that, so I’ll save my thoughts on work for those posts. Anywho, I […]