Life After Beginner Gains

If you’ve followed my Strongman adventure at all, you know that things got serious right, quick, and in a hurry. When I first got to Texas, my numbers skyrocketed. This is a phenomenon we call beginner or newbie gains. I’d been working out for over a year before starting Strongman, but when I began legitimate […]

A Woman Shouldn’t

A woman shouldn’t be too skinny; no one likes to cuddle with a stick. A woman shouldn’t dye her hair; that makes her an attention whore. A woman shouldn’t be too fat; men aren’t attracted to fat people. A woman shouldn’t be too fit; you don’t want to lift more than your man. A woman […]

“The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall”

A phrase we’ve all likely heard before, right? I didn’t know it was coined by Joe Walcott  (the Barbados Demon), a welterweight boxing champion referring to the opponents he beat, many of whom were much bigger than he in stature. Following my last post, I was chatting with my new coach about the idolization of […]

Losing My Religion

For the purposes of this post, I define religion as the organized worship people participate in; faith is the belief in something larger than myself. Before you read further, please acknowledge that this is about the loss of the former, not the latter. I don’t write this as an opportunity to be preached at or […]

Winners Never Quit; Quitters Never Win

Tenacity [tuh–nas-i-tee] noun 1. the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip. 2. the quality or fact of being very determined; determination. 3. the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence. Synonyms include determination, grit, guts, perseverance, persistence, steadfastness. Antonyms include cowardice, fear, idleness, timidity, weakness. When I started training […]

Dating with Kids (From Someone Without Them)

I think it must be a combination of my age and physical location in the country because as of late, a lot of the men I’ve come across on the dating scene have children. I’m okay with that, but as I’m seeing other people my age complain on social media about blended families/relationships, it seems like there are […]

Going Soft in My Old Age

I recently thought I was experiencing a existential crisis, or as least as existential a crisis as can be at the age of 27. Given some interactions I’ve had in my personal life in the past few months coupled with really getting comfortable in my job nine months in, I was worried I’m getting soft. For […]