A Woman Shouldn’t

A woman shouldn’t be too skinny; no one likes to cuddle with a stick.

A woman shouldn’t dye her hair; that makes her an attention whore.

A woman shouldn’t be too fat; men aren’t attracted to fat people.

A woman shouldn’t be too fit; you don’t want to lift more than your man.

A woman shouldn’t masturbate; no one should be succumbing to the sin of lust.

A woman shouldn’t have too many muscles; masculine features are a turn-off.

A woman shouldn’t have boobs that are too big; you don’t want to attract too much attention.

A woman shouldn’t have a big butt; you don’t want to be a spotlight stealer.

A woman shouldn’t be too tall; “short girls are more cute, even if they do have a bit more fat on them.”

A woman shouldn’t be flat-chested; then you can’t have boob sex.

A woman shouldn’t be too short; then you aren’t the perfect height for hand-holding.

A woman shouldn’t be too smart; men will feel threatened.

A woman shouldn’t have tattoos; you’ll be seen as less intelligent and more promiscuous.

A woman shouldn’t swear; it takes away from our femininity.

A woman shouldn’t wear leggings; why would you want to be so exposed?

A woman shouldn’t want to have sex; men don’t like women who are too aggressive about sexual desires.

A woman shouldn’t speak up; the Bible tells us so.

A woman shouldn’t reject a man; you probably don’t mean it as an actual rejection anyway.

A woman shouldn’t rely on anyone; people will just let you down eventually anyway.

A woman shouldn’t be too independent; then you leave no room for a partner.

A woman shouldn’t wear too much makeup; you don’t want men to think you’re trying to trick them.

A woman shouldn’t stay single; “you’ll definitely become bitter.”

These are heteronormative. There are stereotypical. These are generic. There are pervasive. These links aren’t alt-right or Meninist; these are from relatively popular sources, and they’re readily available to anyone with an internet connection. All of these links are from the first page of Google search results.

When people postulate about why women and men think certain ways about each other and their relationships, this is just a small list. This isn’t man-hating. This isn’t blaming. These are articles written by men and women alike. These are beliefs held by men and women alike. I don’t have a be all, end all answer to fix it, and even writing this made me feel some type of way. To finish, let me be crystal clear on my own expectation of women:

A woman shouldn’t be or do anything except exactly what she wants. 

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