New Year, New Blog

Hi readers!

I’ve been a bad personal blogger since I got my new job because I got so into blogging for my work blog. In 2015, I’ve decided to change a few things here. In Student Affairs, there’s a lot of talk about your “One Word” for 2015. I was thinking of what I wanted my word to be, and I kept thinking “selfish.” I want this year to be about me. Not in the “New Year, New Me” kind of way, but because I’ve been working really hard on myself for a while, and I want this year to be an extension of that work. Instead of selfish (which makes me sound really selfish), I decided to go with “me.” I was thinking about how to incorporate that theme into this blog, and I tried to think about what I like to do. I love to cook because it makes me feel close to home. Both parents are chefs, so it allows me to learn from them, but everyone up both sides of my family cooks.

For those of you who have ever opened a cookbook, you’ve probably noticed that most recipes are made for 4-6 people. As I’m captain of #TeamForeverAlone, I don’t have anyone else to cook for but me, myself, and I. It’s really frustrating to want to cook all this awesome stuff, but not know what to do with the other 3-5 portions. Leftover fatigue is a real thing, and I don’t think it’s fair that just because I want to make one awesome recipe, it has to be the only thing I eat all week long. That leads to food waste because I inevitably will throw some if it out.

With all of this being said, I’m revamping this blog this year and making it about (drumroll please) cooking for one! I know a lot of cooking for one is math, so since I suck at that, I’m going to do it behind the scenes and test the recipes before posting them here. I’ll also be shoulder tapping the chefs in my life to help me out a bit. Because I’m doing Weight Watchers, some of the recipes will be more health-conscious, but I also know that there’s no substitute for good mac and cheese, so don’t fret! If there’s anything y’all would like to see done, or if there are any recipes you think are awesome for one, let me know.

Here’s to cooking like a boss for yourself in 2015!

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