Tis the Season!

Hey friends! Since the 30 Days of Giving Thanks are officially over, I figured I’d check back in with the blog-o-sphere. As many of you know, this is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the idea of snow (aka the pretty pictures of it in my head and the scene outside my window when I’m bundled up inside), Christmas music, the time I get to spend with family, and the overall giving nature that seems to permeate everything (except Black Friday) from November 1-January 1. Below are a few things I’m thankful for about the month of November (that didn’t make my list last month), some things I learned, and what I’m really looking forward to for December!

1. Stress gets the best of people. I’ve fallen prey to stress more than once in the last month, snapping at someone when I shouldn’t have or just overall being kind of a beezy. In mid-November, University Student Housing at Texas Tech (my department) hosted a regional conference that brought over 600 students from more than 35 schools in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas all the way out to Lubbock. I was not an integral part of the process–though I did drive the best shuttle all weekend long, thank you very much–but it was awesome to see my peers come together and make this conference work. It was not easy for them and was certainly a high stress time, but to see how excited students were and hear about their love of the conference as I drove them, it made me really happy for my institution.

2. Rejection happens. I write for a professional blog weekly and for the first time since starting in August, I had a blog post get rejected. It was a bit salty, I’ll admit it, but it was about a situation in which my professionalism was unjustly questioned–something that would make anyone a bit salty. I did my best to write the post objectively, as the blog is about experiences in your first few years as a professional, and in my mind, this is something that is going to happen in your first years and beyond. The post ended up getting rejected and I was really upset about it. While I’ve been trying to be more positive, I don’t think it does anyone justice to only post things that are positive cause TRUST ME that isn’t the reality. Work can be hard…people can be shitty…that’s life. I realize as I write this paragraph I’m clearly not really over it lol, but it’s something I’m learning to deal with (kind of).

3. Family is family. I wasn’t able to go home to New York for Thanksgiving because that shit is hella expensive (a word to the wise: if you’re going to move 2381907634 miles away from home, at least make sure you’re near a hub airport and a 6-gate baby airport), so I went to stay with some family in the Dallas area. Every time I’ve driven that way, we’ve stopped in to say hello and I first met this part of my family almost 15 years ago when I came to Texas for a wedding. We stay in touch on Facebook, but 4 days was going to be my longest stay with them. Let me tell, when I say I was greeted with open arms, that doesn’t even begin to describe how I was welcomed. I was brought right into the mix and you wouldn’t know that we’d only spent a cumulative week or so together for the previous 23.5 years of my life. I am so appreciative of them for taking me in. It’s hard to be so far away, but having people who are family and who treat me like I’m their immediate family and not a second cousin once removed (or whatever the hell it is) was more than I ever could have hoped for this past weekend.

4. I shouldn’t procrastinate. I know, I know..you’d think being in my 6th straight year of college would have brought this realization to me sooner, but nope. In fact, I’m only writing this post because I just finished a paper that’s due tonight at 6pm that I didn’t start til Sunday afternoon. That doesn’t include the presentation for yesterday and additional presentation for tonight that have been started and completed in the last 48 hours. Now, with just one semester left, I don’t know that my procrastinating ways are gonna change, but if I really think a PhD is in my future, I should probably get my head outta my ass when it comes to planning school work time appropriately.

5. I GO HOME IN A MERE 2 WEEKS! But obviously, I’m not excited about it. Ha but really, I can’t wait. Because I’m job searching next semester, I’m not going to be able to go home at all, and only my parents are coming to Texas for graduation, so this is going to be the last time I see my brothers, grandma, aunts and uncles for an indefinite amount of time.

Well ladies and gents, that’s all I’ve got right now. After next Monday, I’ll be 75% done with grad school (and 100% done with school work for the semester), so I’ll prob blow your minds with some posts after that. And don’t you worry, I’m sure there will be a funny one after my 9 hour, 4 flight marathon trip to get home (cause you know how well I do in public places like airports). Thanks for reading 🙂

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