Missing My Babies!

No, I’m not talking about my dogs (though this title would hold true for them too). Nope. As I’m sitting here cleaning my apartment in an attempt to avoid one of the 39,017 assignments I have to do before December 2, I can’t help but think of my little brothers. It’s probably because I already started packing to go home at Christmas and realized I haven’t bought them anything for the holidays, but I figured I’d share why they really are my babies with all of you.

Hugh Seamus. This young man. Stealing my thunder since 1993 when he was born two days before my third birthday! He’s as stubborn as I am and gives me all my bitchiness back tenfold. I think the longest we’ve gone without talking was for almost 4 weeks when I was in undergrad and mad at him about some bullshit he pulled at home…needless to say, it took my parents cornering us together in the kitchen and David giggling in the background for us to work it out. This young man is the mirror image of myself sometimes and it’s real scary. When I talk about my brothers, I describe Hugh as the person who will see a perfectly clear cut path in front of him but who’ll trek through the woods just to prove a point. While I’m okay with taking the path cut for me, I can see myself being that stubborn in so many other ways that I understand Hugh more than I let on. I was so proud when he got into Syracuse and joined me on the hill, and I quickly realized that we were going to have two VERY different college experiences. I hated that he pledged. I hated that he wanted to be Greek. I saw his letters when we worked together 3 days a week and loathed the entire organization. (PSA: Some of why I hated his decision was because he was no longer hiding his bad behavior–something I did very well and never broadcasted. All in all, I did most of the bad stuff he does, but anywaaaayyyyyy) Not until I went home this year and met his brothers and saw him in his element did I understand that that’s what he needed to do. He’s growing into a good human being, and since I can see right through that tough guy exterior, I know he cares more for the people around him than he’ll ever let on.

David Thomas. This smart ass. When I say Hugh throws my stubbornness back in my face, David throws my smart ass everything back at me. He’s probably been giving me attitude since he could talk, but since we couldn’t understand him for the first 8 years of his existence, I’ll say he’s been an a-hole for a solid 11 years. Seriously, for those of my friends who haven’t met him, take me, add 8 inches, lose the boobs, and there ya go. Really though, there were a few years when David was in high school that I wasn’t sure college was in the cards for him. It made me nervous because as a goodie too shoes (with the aforementioned bad streak I’m not going to elaborate on), I didn’t know what he was going to do with himself if he didn’t go to college. Hearing he got kicked out of the remedial auto mechanics class was a blessing for all of us (that’s not to shit on anyone who was in that class, but David needed to hear from someone who wasn’t family that he was capable of doing more). Being able to see him when I was home was not only awesome because I hadn’t seen him in months, but because I got to go to Niagara with Hugh and see David in his element. 

Now these two probably aren’t going to read this cause I’m their weird older sister who blogs and that’s trivial [insert younger sibling eye roll here], but I’m out here getting all sentimental and thinking about how much I can’t wait to see them in a mere 36 days, so I had to share! When David got hurt last month, after hearing from my parents Hugh was the first person I called. Mr. Tough Guy was trying his best to keep his front, and I wasn’t gonna call him out from 32 hours away, but I could tell in his voice (and later on via text) that he was scared shitless. We fight. We argue. We get on each other’s last damn nerve. But when push came to shove, I knew that we were there for each other as much as we could be given the distance. 

As an aside, it’s also ridiculous that when I get home David is going to be 19 (the most pointless birthday ever), and that whenever I see Hugh next after Christmas (sometime after graduation), we’re going to be able to legally go to the bar together. We’ll talk about how I’m getting old some other time. Love you two! See you so soon!

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