The Introverted Extrovert

Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, loves! October is absolutely flying by! As soon as I got back from home, we had the scare with my brother, I had a super busy week of classes and then I was off to San Antonio to be an advisor for a student conference. Anyway, it’s been an interesting dynamic out here for the little bit of time I’ve been around.
I wrote a month or so ago about how I define friendship, but as a refresher, I basically said that I don’t have a ton of really close friends, but rather lots of fluid relationships. It was brought to my attention by a student the other day that my peers have used the word antisocial to describe me. Aside from the fact that it’s absurd that someone would tell a student that about a professional peer, I was a bit unnerved. After thinking on it for some time, I realized that it might not be a totally unfair assessment.
For those of you familiar with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I tested as almost a pure Extrovert (96%) when I took the test for the first time almost 8 years ago. I was all about people and large groups and hated being alone. When I retested last year, I was at 68% which still makes me much more extroverted that introverted. I still enjoy large groups and having lots of people in my life, but I’ve learned to appreciate having time to myself.
Now this next part might be a stretch, but as my supervisor at the Office of Student Conduct says,”My house. My rules.” If I’m 68% extroverted that would make me 32% introverted (just go with it). I think the reason I get tagged as being antisocial is because I don’t plan out every waking second of my weekend with people. Well, the two days of the weekend constitute 28% of my week, which falls just under the amount of me that is introverted. Okay okay, I know that’s now how percentages or the MBTI works, but it’s helping me put my actions into perspective (not that I need to justify my actions to anyone, but that’s a conversation for a different time). In all reality, I’ve been keeping to myself because my schedule is so busy during the week (which is AWESOME; that’s not a complaint) that the only time I can recharge is on the weekends.
In addition to being able to recharge, I thought that not being out and about all the time would allow me to fly under the radar. With a job search coming up and a lot on my plate, I don’t need the trouble of negative energy. While lying low has apparently put me ON some radars, I’m not too worried about it. My dad sent me something once that said, “I’m too busy loving the people who love me to worry about those who don’t.” To my other introverted extroverts, keep on keeping on! Don’t worry about justifying your behavior to anyone else. It’s not your job to make them comfortable with who you are. As long as you know who you are, nothing else should matter.


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