My Life’s Boring

I promise I haven’t really been slacking in the blog-o-sphere! If you haven’t already checked out my weekly contribution to, you’re missing out! My posts go live every Friday and are related to what life looks like in the first few years of working in students affairs. Now that my shameless self promotion is over…

My life has been boring, y’all! I haven’t written much here because I haven’t really had anything exciting to write about. I was racking my brain tonight to find something to write about, so I decided that, in order from most to least exciting, I’ll recap my last few weeks.

First, my baby brother moved into college! Because he’s the baby, this has larger ramifications than just another Kiernan succumbing to student loans…my parents officially have an empty nest now. I’m loving that my brother and I are talking more now that he’s at school–he keeps me filled in on rugby, classes, and residence hall life while I give him as much advice as I can–and I love hearing from my parents about life without children. Not to worry though, in 3 weeks I’ll be going home to ruin the empty-nest life for a few days. Really I think it’s a mark of what phenomenal parents we have that all three of us are comfortable being away from them, comfortable with relying on each other, and independent enough to make it all work. I’m obviously not a parent, but I imagine creating this balance in 3 hard-headed children is no easy feat.

Second, classes have started again. I know for some people this probably isn’t exciting at all, but this means a mere 8 months til graduation and let me tell you what…I could NOT be more excited. Now that I have friends who are completely out of grad school and telling me how great it is, I’m really looking forward to not having to incessantly read. On the flipside, I’m looking forward to the classes I’m taking this semester, so at least there’s something to keep me interested.

Lastly, I’ve been sick as a dog the last week or so and I’m so ready to not be sick it’s not even funny. I finally went to the doctor on Friday and he said I have tonsillitis so bad I only had about the width of a straw left to breathe. Because of that and my career path leading me to live with college students for at least the next 5 years, he’s referring me to an ENT Specialist to look into having my tonsils removed. The thought of surgery doesn’t really scare me, and the idea of never having tonsillitis or strep again is like music to my ears, so we’ll see what this specialist says when I finally get to schedule an appointment.

Welp, now that you’ve all heard about the boring nature of my existence, you can send some good juju my way so that maybe I’ll have something more exciting to write about later this week!

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