There Are Far Better Things Ahead…

As I finally sit down in my apartment after the pure madness that has been my life for the last 5 weeks, I was trying to think of something deep and profound to talk about. I came back from South Carolina, jumped right into professional staff training, which backed right up to student staff training, which bumped up right into move-in weekend.

All of this high speed togetherness with my peers and student staff, and I looked at the date on my phone today and went “SHIT!” My mom’s birthday is this week and I haven’t so much as LOOKED for a gift, much less packed one up and sent it to NY. Nope…not even a card. I talked to my dad tonight and he assured me that it was okay, and while in my heart of hearts I know that too, it still makes me feel like a slacker.

Then I got thinking about how I felt last year about even being away for her birthday. I was so torn up about not being there because I think our family takes birthdays pretty seriously. In my reflection tonight, I realized how much I’ve personally grown in a year. I won’t cry this year because I’m not at dinner with my family…I’ll call my parents the next morning and have a good laugh at something my brothers did. I’m not dwelling on how long it’s been since I’ve seen my family, but instead looking forward to being home in a little over a month to see everyone and celebrate the big 25th anniversary. While I dread the thought of the cost of a plane ticket home, I look forward to an extended trip home at the holidays.

Through all of this, I have realized that it’s much more important to look forward. I could easily sit here and think about how long it’s been since I’ve seen my family and friends, but that’s not worth. I’d rather focus on how much I’m going to love seeing them soon!

One thought on “There Are Far Better Things Ahead…

  1. I will just open the hoops and yoyo you sent last year…it is on loan right now to Susan Call. Her birthday is today. I love you gobs and gobs and know that you will be thinking of me on Wednesday. XOXOXO OXOXOX

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