Happy, Texas: The Town Without a Frown

While I feel like the title says it all and I could truly just leave this post blank, I guess I’ll give you all a little context. As an advisor for our Complex Council (kind of like the student government in each building), I was able to go on a leadership retreat with them last weekend. We were going to Ceta Canyon in Happy. Now, I don’t know how many of you have been to West Texas, but it’s reeeeaallllll flat, so coming up on this canyon on our drive was a bit alarming since we aren’t used to changed in elevation.

So anyway, our school bus safely descends into the canyon and drops us off. We got to our cabins and found they had plumbing and AC (a relief and a #firstworldproblem all in one). We proceeded to do some really great leadership workshops all day and had good food care of the staff in Ceta Canyon and our staff as well. Around 8pm, we were all released to do as we pleased. Two coworkers and I went “exploring” through the woods and things until I got scared and left them to their devices.

Upon their return, we were sitting around the campfire with some of our professional staff, students, and two staff members from the camp. One of my coworkers was asking the camp employees if hiking to a waterfall at the edge of the canyon would be worth our while first thing the following morning. We were excited about the prospect of naturally flowing water–a phenomenon we don’t experience in Lubbock. The employees told her yes, but that if we were going to hike in the morning we should probably take a stick with us. Of course, she asked why, and the employee simply said “Well, the rattlesnakes like to stretch in the morning.”

Now, those of you who know me will know that I do not play around when it comes to my complete and utter disgust for snakes. I believe they are truly the spawn of Satan. You might also know me as someone who doesn’t always pay attention, so of course, I was only half listening to the conversation when he said the above remark. My reaction?? “DID HE JUST SAY SNAKES? Oh no, my happy ass will be in bed then, thank you.”

Needless to say, I did not see the waterfall while we were there. It was a welcome break from spending a weekend on campus. My apologies to my readers for not blogging as much as I should be; this grad school thing is no joke! I’m going to try to get better, I promise! Saturday is our first Big 12 football game against Oklahoma AND one of my best friends from home is here, so I’ll be sure you fill y’all in on that soon 🙂

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