My first real rodeo

Let me first apologize for my extended absence from the blogging world. I moved in and we went into professional staff training, student staff training, move in, Raider welcome, and the first week of classes–needless to say, I’ve been a little bit busy! Anyway, now that my life has some kind of rhythm and schedule, I can get back to bringing you little tidbits of my adventures in the Lonestar State! Without further ado, my first trip to the rodeo…

We decided we needed to go to a rodeo about a month ago because a few of us hadn’t ever gone and we were having one of our last free weekends before the aforementioned mess of events. It didn’t hurt that one of my coworkers knows one of the rodeo clowns who was set to participate in a rodeo about an hour outside of Lubbock. So on a Friday afternoon (after going to the boot store, of course) we took off for Lamesa, Texas, population 9,952.

Like I said, this little adventure should have only taken an hour, but the fine city of Lamesa is like Noah’s ark with two of every damn street, so we got a bit lost before we finally found the rodeo venue. When we did pull in, it looked like a combination of a horse ranch, used truck lot, and cowboy buffet all covered in dust. As a vehicle full of single women, there wasn’t a complaint about any of that.

We parked, paid, and found seats in the bleachers while we waited for the fun to begin. Before any rodeo activity could begin, we sat through a 25 minute opening ceremony. I don’t know if Lamesa was trying to rival the Olympics or what, but this thing was extensive. We did a lot of praying, a lot of cheering, and a lot of God Bless America-ing. At the very end, we sang the National Anthem while two riders carried the American and Texas flags, respectively. Unfortunately, the girl riding with the Texas flag had a real a-hole of a horse. Such an a-hole, in fact, that he decided to buck her off mid-National Anthem, Texas flag and all. Now, I’m not at all about defacing the flag, but it was a bit hard to avoid chuckling a bit when the entire crowd gasped, and we all knew more of them were gasping about the flag hitting the ground than the girl. As one of our friends with us stated after the rodeo, “You know that girl’s daddy is giving her a good whooping right about now for letting that flag touch the dirt.”

ANYWAY, after all that, we were ready for the rodeo to begin. I actually enjoyed the horses more than the bulls, but there was so much going on between the horses that were at the beginning and the bulls that were the last part of the show. Easily our favorite activity was mutton bustin’. The host started this off by saying that anywhere but Texas and this would be considered child abuse. For the group of us who’d never been to a rodeo, you can imagine the thoughts going through our heads. Then like a bat straight out of the 7th level of hell, a sheep comes tear ass out of the gate with a CHILD on its back! I must have deleted my personal video of this hilarity, but I found a good one on youtube that you can watch: Cruel or not, that shit is hilarious.

In conclusion, we made it through the rodeo and even managed to get a backstage tour after the show (thank you, Brady and your wonderful mother). The rodeo lifestyle is certainly different than anything I had ever seen, which is exactly why we’re looking to go to another here ASAP.

ADDENDUM: The girl who got tossed off her horse during the national anthem was fine and managed to walk out of the arena with just a few bruises. One of the bull riders who closed out the show was not as lucky. After being trampled by the bull, he was taken to the hospital because he has split his boys in two. I want to make some kind of smart ass “ball buster” comment, but I feel like it’d be just a tad too insensitive…

One thought on “My first real rodeo

  1. “Reidy , I had the pleasure of going to The Stock Show in Dnever in January of 1985 and it was a HOOT ! I literally was the only person among thousands who didn’t have boots !! Inagine thta mess………..
    But I loved it and am glad you got to the rodeo ! Sounds like it was a blast . Keep up the blogging. MP

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