Finally in Lubbock!

Hi friends!

Sorry for the delay in posting–we were having a little trouble getting my computer connected to the TTU internet. Anyway, as promised, we’ve compiled a list of all the things we learned on our trip. Some are repeats from previous posts and some are new here. Enjoy!

  • We’re the best drivers on the planet. Really though, the drivers are a little buckwild in the south. Everyone drives super fast and blinkers are apparently a moot point.
  • Razorbacks are real things. I don’t know if every wild hog is actually a razorback or if razorbacks are even real animals, but we saw a big, dead one on the side of the road and all I can think of is the damage it would inflict on poor Yolanda the ‘Yota.
  • People truly are nicer in the south. At home, if someone calls you “ma’am” you’re supposed to be offended, but down here it’s just the norm. I quite like it.
  • Everyone is cuter with a Southern accent. Self-explanatory.
  • Hot is hot, no matter how you cut it. Yes, you can feel that there’s a lot less humidity here, but you’re still sweating so it doesn’t really matter.
  • West Texas is truly a place you have to experience before you can pass judgment. The hospitality has been overwhelmingly wonderful, the scenery (while flat) is gorgeous, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to come see it before they say anything negative.
  • We’ve figured out why life moves slower in the south: it’s too hot too move too fast.
  • I’ll never be very far from home, as we see little reminders of NY all over the place.
  • Four museums in two days is too many to really enjoy them.
  • There is wine in Texas and it is good. If you’re ever in the Lubbock area you MUST stop at Llano Estacado Winery.
  • The BBQ is different all over the south. We had BBQ in Memphis, Dallas, and Lubbock and each was a little bit different but equally delicious.
  • Outfitting an apartment isn’t cheap.

We obviously learned more than this in our trip, but these were just some of the highlights. Stay tuned for more updates and my adventures down here continue through the next two years!

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