Day 5: Shreveport to Carrollton (Dallas)

Just a quick entry about yesterday! We woke up in Shreveport to a blessedly cool hotel room, only to walk outside into such dense humidity that my glasses fogged up. We did a quick walk up and down the boardwalk, but nothing is really open ar 9:30am and since we decided against a trip to the casino, we just hopped in the car to head to Texas.

Shockingly, there was nothing really of note in our drive except the MASSIVE dead hog on the side of the road. To backtrack a bit, my mother thought I was crazy when we were in Arkansas when I told her to watch out for wild hogs. Low and behold, there was a big ol’ beast on the side of the road shortly after we crossed into Texas. Nothing says “Welcome to the Lonestar state!” quite like a dead pig (I prefer mine BBQed, but I guess this got the job done too).

Speaking of BBQ, we had our second BBQ experience of the trip when our family, who so graciously let of stay with them and all convened for a visit so I could meet everyone and the children, ordered BBQ from their favorite spot in Dallas. I’m learning very quickly that BBQ is different everywhere you go and that I could probably blog just about BBQ. Then again, that would require eating lots of it, and my ass is already a lot wider than I’d like it to be, so I’ll leave the BBQ blog to someone else.

Anyhow, we had a wonderful time here with my family and I cannot wait to see more of them even though my new home is 6 hours away. Oh well…6 hours is a hell of a lot closer than the 10 hour flight home! We’re gonna enjoy some breakfast this morning and get all our ducks in a row here, then take the final leg of our journey to LUBBOCK! Not to worry, though; the account of this trip is just the beginning of the blog. This little project is going to continue as I experience all there is to know and love about life in the Lonestar State! Y’all come back now, ya hear! (too soon? Okay, but I’ll work on it)

One thought on “Day 5: Shreveport to Carrollton (Dallas)

  1. Dear Mairead and Mary, Leah hooked me up with your blog just tonight so I had a little catching up to do! Mairead, you write beautifully. I’m proud of you and I love great narrative. I hope all is well as you roll into town and that the A/C is working. Mel and I got out of Dodge during the terrible heat and spent a few days at her brother’s home in Cape Porpoise, Maine. 58* and a quilt at night and then we came back to hazy, hot and humid. Wishing you the best in your new life and safe travels to your mom. Love, Aunt Susan xoxoxoxoxo

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