Day 1: New York to Cleveland

The original plan for today was to get on the thruway and take a basically straight shot from NY to Ohio—roughly 5.5 hours. Instead, we took the super-extra-scenic route, traveling for approximately 7.5 hours, most of which were spent in NY. Needless to say, I learned a few things on our adventure…

1. Things we forgot

  • My makeup bag.
  • $75 worth of meal replacements.
  • Pillows.

2. Things to do tomorrow

  • Trust the Garmin or risk driving all over God’s green earth for no purpose other than adding over an hour to your trip.
  • Don’t start with the AC on full blast–as you get into hotter temperatures, it will feel like there’s no AC at all.
  • Avoid drinking copious amounts of water and coffee at the beginning of the trip unless you want to stop every hour.

3. Cleveland’s hidden gem

  • Lolita. Michael Symon’s restaurant in the Tremont neighborhood of the city is reasonably priced and truly one of the best meals I’ve ever had. If you’re ever in or around Cleveland, make sure to stop by! Here’s a link if you wanna see exactly what you’re missing out on:

4. Plan for tomorrow

We’re leaving extra early for Kentucky and once there, we’re going to visit the Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon distilleries. We’ll also probably get some good BBQ and pictures of the Kentucky bluegrass on the way. That’s all for tonight! We’ll be checking in tomorrow from Louisville 🙂


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