Leftovers Though?

I haven’t blogged about weight in a while, but in the last 5 days, I’ve heard two ugly comments about my size, and I’m annoyed. So here we go. Last Friday, my work bestie and I went for drinks at one of our usual spots. I went straight from work to the bar, so I […]

We All Make Choices

My mom said this to me once in a far less pleasant context, though it makes me laugh every time I think of it. When I told her about my first tattoo I’d hidden from her for 6 months, I amped it up like I was telling her I was pregnant. I finally said it […]

“You Aren’t Special”

As I sit here on my couch feeling sore, battered, bruised, and sticky (note to self: bring my own Goo Gone in future years) from Strongman Corporation Nationals, it seems like the weekend was a dream. I clawed back after taking 0s in the first two events to get to 11th place. I PRed, I […]

Life After Beginner Gains

If you’ve followed my Strongman adventure at all, you know that things got serious right, quick, and in a hurry. When I first got to Texas, my numbers skyrocketed. This is a phenomenon we call beginner or newbie gains. I’d been working out for over a year before starting Strongman, but when I began legitimate […]

A Woman Shouldn’t

A woman shouldn’t be too skinny; no one likes to cuddle with a stick. A woman shouldn’t dye her hair; that makes her an attention whore. A woman shouldn’t be too fat; men aren’t attracted to fat people. A woman shouldn’t be too fit; you don’t want to lift more than your man. A woman […]

“The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall”

A phrase we’ve all likely heard before, right? I didn’t know it was coined by Joe Walcott  (the Barbados Demon), a welterweight boxing champion referring to the opponents he beat, many of whom were much bigger than he in stature. Following my last post, I was chatting with my new coach about the idolization of […]

Losing My Religion

For the purposes of this post, I define religion as the organized worship people participate in; faith is the belief in something larger than myself. Before you read further, please acknowledge that this is about the loss of the former, not the latter. I don’t write this as an opportunity to be preached at or […]